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Visual Analytics or Data Visualization in Tableau is being talked about a lot these days and rightly so. If you acquire Data Visualization skill on tools like Tableau, then you are unlocking extremely promising career possibilities in various business domains.

Here is why you will be hired by companies: With customer data getting captured in minutes possible way, company management or decision makers want the deepest insights from these data and they want to spend least possible time in taking these decisions . The only way to achieve these 2 objectives (deep insights & least time spent taking decision) in by Visual Analytics or Data Visualization . And Tableau is without argument the best Data Visualization tool.

Tableau is a software package that helps explore , visualize , analyse and make sense of data . Tableau provides an innovative way to look at the data . Tableau is hugely popular because it can extract huge amount of data and present it in a very easy to understand and interpret visual format.

Tableau Objectives
  1. Develop comfort with Tableau as a tool.
  2. Understanding of principles of visualization of data.
  3. Make Simple basic Charts: how to create them, which situation might demand which chart. (Bar charts, line charts, pie charts, Histogram).
  4. Build Advanced Charts: these require additional or more specific steps. These include charts that explore shared axis (x & Y axis). There are different varieties of such dual axis charts to include box and whisker chart, bar in bar chart, bullet chart & motion chart.
  5. Get a feel for calculated fields and Data Filters.
  6. Use Interactivity: Tableau allows Interactivity with chart. Interactivity keeps the user of the chart more engaged. It allows the user to conduct sensitivity analysis on the data and come up with better insights.
  7. Build awesome dashboards and spin story boards: Combine different charts in the dashboard to provide a consolidated view of the data. Story board is a more effective way to present information to different stakeholders.
  8. Create Geospatial maps pertaining to your data.
  9. Explore built in analytics components like trend lines, reference lines bands.

Participants are required to have basic knowledge of computers. Although it’s not necessary. This training is for anyone who deals with data and wants to explore, analyze and learn better ways to handle their data. From college students to business analysts and managers to analytics professionals everyone needs to build visual reports for better reporting of their insights.

Why Choose SDK ITS Tableau training in Gurgaon

We at SDK ITS SOLUTIONS provides training and projects on Tableau We make sure you gain higher programming logic and coding skills during Tableau training program. Our Tableau training course is designed as per latest updates and industry requirements. The course syllabus is based on industry requirement basis so that it will help you to take your programming skills and knowledge to next level.

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Trainer's Profile

check Our trainers are subject specialist who have mastered on Tableau technology.

check Our trainers are have received excellence awards for their dedicated Tableau training and coaching.

check Our trainers are researchers, consultant, and analysts working as an employee in HCL Technologies, Birla-soft, TCS, IBM, Sapient, Agilent Technologies, and so on.

check Our trainers are single, double and triple certified professionals in the subject.

check Our trainers have regular coordination with MNCs HR team on daily basis.